Tonight I’m feeling sad. There’s a sense of melancholy hovering over my chest. My eyes are tired and my face feels weary.


And that’s ok.


If you’re waiting for a listing of my sorrows and sufferings, I have none to offer. My life is blessed beyond my comprehension, but tonight I’m feeling sad. And that’s ok.


I’ll tell you why it’s ok. Not even ‘ok’ but essential. It’s because I’m human. Just like you.


“Deep human connection … is the purpose and result of a meaningful life – and it will inspire the most amazing acts of love, generosity and humanity.”

Melinda Gates


I care. I contemplate. I commiserate and I hold people and their experiences close to my heart where their sorrow infiltrates my mind and body and imprints on my soul.


More often than not, I pride myself on energy, enthusiasm for life and rose-coloured view of the world.


But tonight I’m feeling sad and that’s ok. It’s not only ok but necessary. It’s important we allow ourselves to feel these emotions fully, rather than surface-skimming them. Instead of brushing them aside or whisking them to another part of our psyche, we must welcome them into our being. This is how we live a full, rich and embedded life.


Tonight I’m exploring and embracing the emotions I feel for those I care about.


The mothers who’ve buried their children.

The wives who’ve lost their husbands.

The friends who battle their inner demons everyday. And do it with grace and gratitude.


Tonight I’m sad for you and that’s ok. I’m not sad for you from a place of pity or regret. That’s not mine to judge or offer. I’m sad because I’m human and I care about your heart. I care about your journey and your wellbeing. So tonight, I’m releasing my tears in a gesture of connection and compassion for the mothers who are doing their best even when they’re feeling their worst.


“Resilience is very different from being numb.

Resiliency means you feel, you fail, you hurt, you fall.

But you keep going.”

Yasmin Mogahed


I know tomorrow’s a new day and one in which I trust I will wake refuelled and invigorated for this wonderful life we live.


Tonight I’m feeling sad though and that’s ok.