I live on the shores of Lake Macquarie, the largest coastal saltwater lake in the Southern Hemisphere. Sunsets offers glorious views of oranges, pinks and golds, and when the moon shines upon the water, it looks like a scene from a movie. Today the lake isn't framed in colour. Rather, it's shrouded in greys as wind & rain continue day after day.


As I look upon it, the effects of this downpour is evident in rising water levels. People are staying away, except those dedicated few, undeterred by the weather. I watch the water pool around our home, knowing all we can do is wait.


Wait for the storm to pass.


This rising salt water reminds me of so many women I know. Through the barrage of storms of life, their salt water slowly rises. Stresses, pressures, hurts, fears and worries layer upon each other, a steady rising until the boundary level is passed and the emotions overflow. 


For some, this is the taste of salt water tears, where crying reflects the overflow of doing, being, coping with, and caring for, too much. Others see it in rage, and the heavy handedness of doors, pots or brushing of hair. Then the guilt of behaving like this sets in and sits heavy on the chest and heart, like deep and murky puddles.


Then there are the women who've done the patterns of over-giving, over-doing & over-being for so long, they know no other way. They're unware their boundaries have been overridden and pools of stagnant resentment, guilt, and unhappiness reside. Have you  noticed water pools in the same place each time it rains? Our courtyard and a section of our driveway are two areas needing our attention. Being new to our home and experiencing these water levels for the first time, we haven't yet explored these challenges, but will need to find strategies to allow the movement and release of these rising water levels. These puddles are like your emotional home, where there's blocks that stop you working through your emotions in a safe way. What plan can you make to support the movement and release of the emotions building up in you, to prevent them pooling?


In the times life offers you storms, just like the lakes, many people may stay away. But some will remain, undeterred by grey of your experiences or impact of the weather. They'll be prepared to feel the wind and rain, and to sit with you until the sun comes out, and the puddles fade away.


The rain doesn't stay forever. A silver lining will soon outline your grey.


Catherine xx


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