Welcome to our corner of the world - our Dream Land as I like to call it. I'm not sure how you found us or what bought you here. Perhaps you were feeling sad, frustrated, alone or overwhelmed. Or maybe you felt out of control, like everything's coming down on you and there's not enough time to do it all? Do you ever feel like that? I know I sure do sometimes. In fact, that was me last weekend.

I can tell when I'm heading down that road - a path well worn, let me say - because I don't sleep well, my jaw clenches and I get irritable. You know, when something happens that a week ago wouldn't bother you, but now ... well, let's just say 'look out!'

The worst thing is I hate feeling like this, don't you? I know I know better which just fuels my frustration. What an unhealthy and super non-beneficial pattern to be in! It's like, "You're an adult Catherine - get yourself together already!"

Thankfully, after one too many days spent like this, ruining precious time with my family and feeling disappointed (yet again), I committed to stopping - or at least significantly reducing -  the times I let overwhelm overcome me and found the strategy that quickly gets me back on track. In less than 10 minutes!

In a nutshell, I reset myself by journalling what's REALLY bothering me about the situation, the day or life in general, and then I bullet what's most important. I don't know about you, but I get great satisfaction from drawing a line through my to-do lists.

Sometimes my mood might just be because I think I've got too many things to do that day and I won't achieve them. What triggers you? Perhaps it's that you feel  isolated, hopeless, worried? Whatever your situation, journalling stops you being caught up in your overwhelmed, frantic or out of control pace and returns you to composure, clarity and calm. These emotions are definitely closer to what you want others to feel around you, don't you agree?

And make sure your list is purposeful. Don't make it all about your 'jobs or tasks'. Think about what's important to you, like your relationships and memories. When you take time to reset, you remind yourself of two important things:

1. not everything is as bad as it seems, or has to be done right now. By breaking your overwhelm into small and specific items, they become more manageable.... and easier to check off. Bonus!

2. you've reclaimed control. By stopping, choosing and taking a new, inspired action, you reduce the power of overwhelm. You're no longer at the mercy of external forces. Cheers to that!


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