Here's a little love & acknowledgement from us that what you feel is normal.
It's also ok and it's needed. Those nights you cry yourself to sleep or days you hold back the lump in your throat because, well, you have no option but to soldier on, do you?
The times you berate yourself because it seems so long since you've genuinely 'felt the feels' the 'inspiring' mums of social media imply are how a happy and loving mother should spend her days.
Or the posts from your tribe who look like they've got everything under control,  are perfectly routined and have bubbles of love floating around their every move - smiling children, immaculate homes and nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Meanwhile, you're pleased if you can manage weetbix or tinned spaghetti.
All this talk of how amazing motherhood is, is well-intentioned for sure, but deflating when you're feeling low.
I get it. I hear you. And I send you MASSIVE vibes of support from the Community of Dreams!
PS A gentle reminder: there's the perceived 'greatest' parent in the world and the perceived 'worst' parent in the world and in between are billions of others like you & I who belong somewhere within these parameters. Be gentle with yourself.
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