How can this be? You’ve been awake less than an hour and the house is a mess, the children are already screaming, breakfast leftovers are hardening in bowls ... well what’s not been thrown on the floor, table and who knows where else, that you’re sure to come across sometime you least expect it. You look to the day ahead of you and wonder how you’re going to make it through?


The pain is real, yes? You do appreciate being a mum but seriously, some days you want to run, scream, cry, hide, foetal position and escape all at once.


Guess what? You’re allowed to feel that way. Heck, you’re not just allowed, you have to feel these emotions if that’s your internal reality some days. Denying this truth will not help, rather it will keep these emotions persisting.


“The days are long, but the years are short”

Gretchen Rubin


“Well what is the answer?” I hear your anguished cry.


If you’re done with slamming of doors, yelling and losing your temper, try these 5 steps to go from frustrated to calm … and even a little joy.


  1. Be real. Life sucks sometimes. You’re going to be tired … probably every day. Your children are going to tantrum. People are going to let you down. Choose not to be surprised, disappointed or frustrated by these anymore!
  2. Control your focus – this is a biggie! No matter what’s going on, what is one better thought or feeling you can have?
  3. Set yourself up for success. If you’re having a particularly bad day where every sight and sound is pushing your buttons, it’s time to pause. Reset and realign. Change it up. Tasks can wait. Personal expectations and standards can take a back seat as you give yourself grace. Grace to not be perfect or a super-hero today. Grace to prioritise nothing but the wellbeing of your loved ones and yourself.
  4. Remind yourself what really matters (hint: it’s interactions and memories). Choose three words to inspire and align you with the woman you need to be today, post these on notes around your home or as Brendan Burchard suggests, set these words as 5 alerts in your phone. Each time the reminder sounds, you’re gently returned to your intention.
  5. Be gentle. Br grateful. Most importantly, be kind to yourself if you’re wanting to release frustration.


Knowing when and how to loosen the high expectations you hold for yourself offers gifts of time and space to allow for something more. Like calm, connection and joy for instance. That’s what you need and what you deserve. And you’re the amazing woman to grant yourself that right.


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