Do you ever feel so much care, love or compassion for another it hurts?

Do you ever wonder why you feel frustrated by others, when in reality, you just want to help them? You want to spend time with those you care about, support them and make them happy, yet at the same time, you're internally screaming to be left alone?

You feel exhausted, tired and overwhelmed, but don't know why? You haven't been busy, your life is great, especially in comparison to Jill down-the-road. What's wrong with you, you wonder?

Perhaps you see these qualities in your child? They like other children, but also seem so shy. You worry they're anxious and not coping with life.

If any of these instances sound familiar, you or your child may be an Empath.

An Empath is a person with the ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual. They can be overly sensitive & easily exhausted or anxious.

This is understandable. Consider how you feel overwhelmed or tired sometimes from dealing with the ups & downs of life. Multiply that by also feeling the ups & downs of others & no wonder Empaths are prone to shutdown or exhaustion!

If you, your child, a friend or a loved one are an Empath, I highly recommend researching tools and strategies to increase awareness and produce boundaries. Empaths are necessary builders of compassion and connection in our world, who's love and understanding are of great value to others. They need protecting however. 

Empath's benefit from time alone to re-energise, re-centre and re-set. After embracing the thoughts and feelings of others, their heart and mind become heavy, requiring conscious and consistent practices to heal again. 

If you're an Empath, I'd love to hear your experiences below. If you'd like more information, try listening to the following podcast by Christine Hassler & her guest, Dr Judith Orloff

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Catherine x