Do you ever just feel meh?

You know, life's got you down. You've got an edge to your tone you don't like and your energy's low. Heck, you may want to throw in the towel, shout (or wimper) "I QUIT!" and accept defeat.

I hear you. Being human can do this to us, can't it? Luckily there's an abundance of strategies and research about human motivation to help you along; like playing your favourite tunes, spending time in nature or volunteering for a good cause. But for the sake of the needing a simple strategy RIGHT NOW (insert hands in prayer pose and a pleading face), here are 5 mantras to keep in your back pocket (or on your phone, behind the sun-visor in your car or on your bathroom mirror) to take you from Meh to Motivated!

1. "THIS TOO SHALL PASS" - You're reading this, that means you've got a 100% success rate of getting through every challenge, heartbreak, loss, frustration or grey day you've ever known. Remember that!

2. "LUCKY ME!" - As above, you're reading this, which not only tells me you've got through the hard times, it also means you have the gift of sight. What else are you blessed with? Research shows practising gratitude has a multitude of health benefits, both physical and mental. It increases happiness, improves sleep quality, promotes a stronger immune system, improves resiliency and is linked to healtheir blood pressure and heart rate. What are 3 things you can you be grateful for today?

3. "WHEN MY BACK'S AGAINST THE WALL, ALL I CAN DO IS PUT MY BEST FOOT FORWARD" - What would that look like to you? If you were to literally and metaphorically step out of 'meh-you' and into the best version of yourself, what's the first thought, feeling and action you'd need to take? Great - do that! PS don't overthink this. You might just need to breathe, drink water, step outside, sit down or call a friend. I'm not suggesting you quit your job, send the children off to boarding school or file for divorce as a first step! Simple steps please :-)

4. "WHAT'S ONE THOUGHT BETTER THAN THIS?" - When you're in a funk, in a mood, feeling down or just plain meh but know it's time to get back in the game, it's ok to be gentle with yourself. You don't need to leap from down to exuberant! Expectations that tell you you have to be happy and joyful all day everyday are setting you up to fail. And you don't want that. You're aiming for small, consistent wins which layered upon each other, become permament growth. This is when the Emotional Guidance Scale comes in handy. Google it. It's a strategy and handout I use often with clients. The purpose of the Scale is for you to think one better thought than you were, which leads to one better feeling than you had. Remember: thoughts > feelings > actions > results. For example, if you're feeling bored, what can you tell yourself to move you into contentment (the next level up from boredom on the Emotional Guidance Scale)?

5. "THERE'S AN OPPOSITE TO EVERYTHING" - The fifth simple mantra you can use to take you from meh to motivated links to Universal Laws, specifically, the Law Of Polarity. Don't worry - it's not complicated or woo woo. It's really very logical. The Law of Polarity states everything is on a continuum or a spectrum. Think about temperature and it's opposite; hot and cold. Or emotions: happy and sad. Speed: fast and slow. Placement: up and down. Making sense? Your job is two-fold. Firstly, acknowledge the truth of this Law, which means the opposite of what you feel exists within you. Next, search for thoughts, feelings and actions which will move you along the continuum, away from meh and closer to motivated!

Fantatic - I trust even now, you're on your way to taking back control of your emotions and one step closer to creating the inspiration you're searching for. I'd love to hear which mantra you think will become your go-to. Feel free to share with me via email or facebook.

And if you find you need a little extra support, pop over to my calendar and book a coaching session. Life's precious - don't spend too much time living in 'meh-land'. It's time to get regain your motivation!